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Second Run: Sevilla With Frida

Crazy humid days call for nothing more than a white shirt dress; I bought this one three summers ago while on vacation in Spain. Still rocking those gypsy fans, too.

Pining Up

And I do mean ‘pining’ – with Ashlea living a billion states away, I pine for her unendingly surprising way with words and style. As my former roommate and once most constant closet playmate, her originality and humor led to some vintage sketches like “Bellagio Curator” “From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Lisa R. Birnbach“, “Catwalk of Shame“, “Cup, Saucer, Fresh Pencils“, and “Twenty Something Freak, Middle School Geek“. Seeing her this weekend confirmed the fact that some things never change with old friends.

Slow Roll

Those shorts are one part of my animal print wardrobe canon.

Afternoon on the Catamaran

Yes, I am a believer in matching my lipstick to my outfit (look, I even made a whole post about how to wear it!).

Also, it is a boldface FACT that combining two lipstick colors is always, ALWAYS more flattering than wearing one color on its own. Here, I mixed Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice with Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Peach.

Brown Sugar