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Year Three


Sometimes it’s hard to express how much My Closet in Sketches means to me without sounding redundant. There are so many tangible ways that this website has affected my life, but what’s more important to me – and what I find difficult to convey over the internets – is what it has done to my future, my past, my confidence, my soul, etc.

The creative center in me that burns with a desire to make something, all the time, is the same place that is stoked with joy every time a reader shares how I have inspired them. My goal is that My Closet in Sketches will always remain a place of imaginative freedom, of gettin’ down and dirty and doin’ shit just because something inside compelled me there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here.

Take an abridged tour through these memorable outfits from the last three years:

-My First Post

-Cleaver in Color

-Year One

-Havana Stripes

-Big Girl Pants

-Year Two

-Party in the Valley

-Big BIG Girl Pants

Year Two

This blogiversary is an amazing way to track my drawing progress

Whether you viewed ¬†those when I first published them or you are new to the site, I want to reiterate a) how grateful I am for your visit, b) isn’t it crazy how much you can improve at something if you put your mind to it? and c) this website gave me the gift of purpose, and without that I can’t imagine what my life would be today. I’m thankful that I can share something so meaningful to me with you.

PS: I missed my official blogiversary (April 28th) because I was busy yelling the loudest at my brother’s graduation… But better late than never, right?

Animal Print Problems

The genus is made of a wool leopard print scarf picked up from the roomie-giveaway-pile, a silk leopard print scarf from Target, a safari-scene-print¬†handkerchief bought at a vintage stand from college, a J.Crew silk snakeskin top, leopard-print cotton shorts just picked up at Forever 21, a snakeskin clutch gifted from Lucky FABB, leopard print jeans from Target, an ocelot print belt from J.Crew, leopard print slip-on sneaks from the Old Navy boy’s department, an ocelot faux-fur jacket from Filene’s Basement, a silk leopard print blouse-y top from Joie, the Prada leopard print pumps, a Rogan for Target dress, a silk bow blouse from grandma, and a leopard print cardigan from JCPenney. Whew! And, Meow!

Working Girl

Lady Pack

That there’s a silk scarf from mom, the St. James tee, a J. Crew fluorescent pink shirt, a carpet bag from Morocco (roller bag not pictured), a bikini from H&M, a backpack from Daddy-0, an eyeshadow palette from Givenchy, a bow belt from Talbots, a tanktop from Madewell, a old-tee from Mom, a shirt with chiffon sleeves from Madewell, a jean jacket from Urban, (and we’re going across now to) a pair of silver slides from Spain, a pair of sunnies from Buffalo Exchanges, a pair of glasses from SEE, a little bag from KATHY via TJMaxx, a dress from Rogan, a slip from Victoria’s Secret, a pair of pleather snake-print Birkenstocks, a pair of patterned calfskin booties from Anthropologie, a red jean from Zara, a pair of shorts from the highly elite brand Soffe, a highwaisted short from J. Crew, and a little sleep set from Calypso at Target.