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How To Wear A Jean Jacket


Every gal should own the perfect jean jacket – I found mine on sale at Urban Outfitters when I was a junior in high school, and I’ve never looked back.

That animal print belt is from J.Crew and was last seen here, the fuchsia Christian Dior skirt was a lucky find in grandma’s closet, the camo jacket is from the men’s department of GAP, the Rag & Bone chambray shirt was illustrated just like this here, the dress is a Liberty print from Target, and finally, that there is a black tee from American Apparel.

How To Wear A Button Up

howtowearabuttonup 1

It was just a matter of time before I did a How To featuring my favorite article of clothing… in general, I prefer to lift button ups off of my dad or brother and then wear them to death.

The star shirt is from the Urban Outfitters Men’s Department, the red one underneath my Madewell leather jacket is from Old Navy, the plaid one underneath my grandma’s monogrammed sweater is from my brother c/o of J.Crew, the polka dot shirt my mom got from Land’s End Canvas, the chambray one is Rag & Bone and worn over a Gap henley, and the “wishful thinking” shirt is from J.Crew, worn over a Victoria’s Secret string bikini and Forever 21 booty-licious shorts.

And if you haven’t already scoped these, here is How to Wear a Scarf, How to Wear a Tee, and How to Wear Jeans.

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NY Day 2: Blue Light Special

Funny to compare this FABB outfit to last year’s


I hope I never lose the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed wonder I felt last year. Here’s my account of day one, two and three of New York Fashion week 365 days ago…

High Flying

Besides having closet withdrawal, I had a great time happy trail-ing with the fam.

Wanna see some old-school My Closet in Sketches travel outfits? The last time I went abroad (to Spain and Morocco, with my mommy!) I went to a bullring in a head scarf, tried to have eye-sex with hot Andalusian horse trainers, and learned the lesson “when you see something you love on holiday, don’t hesitate, BUY.”