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Lords of Summertown



Rules of the Game:

1. Sport high waisted skirts (in linen and cotton) with matching bras peeking out under tanks.

2. Wear a hat.

3. Always keep a swimsuit in your backpack.

It’s really, really summer. In breathable fabrics, silhouettes that define my waist and show off the figure are the only way to go.

On a hot day of werkin’ it out at the studio, I wore a Forever 21 cotton tank tied at the waist, a cotton underwire bra from Victoria’s Secret, a Free People skirt picked up second hand at Secondi, a baseball cap, my Ray Ban Av’s, my dad’s old back pack, and some flip flops.

Oh, and the background pattern is inspired by a new bikini (bought on sale) from J. Crew.

How To Wear A Button Up

howtowearabuttonup 1

It was just a matter of time before I did a How To featuring my favorite article of clothing… in general, I prefer to lift button ups off of my dad or brother and then wear them to death.

The star shirt is from the Urban Outfitters Men’s Department, the red one¬†underneath my Madewell leather jacket is from Old Navy, the plaid one underneath my grandma’s monogrammed sweater is from my brother c/o of J.Crew, the polka dot shirt my mom got from Land’s End Canvas, the chambray one is Rag & Bone and worn over a Gap henley, and the “wishful thinking” shirt is from J.Crew, worn over a Victoria’s Secret string bikini and Forever 21 booty-licious shorts.

And if you haven’t already scoped these, here is How to Wear a Scarf, How to Wear a Tee, and¬†How to Wear Jeans.

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Slow Roll

Those shorts are one part of my animal print wardrobe canon.

Animal Print Problems

The genus is made of a wool leopard print scarf picked up from the roomie-giveaway-pile, a silk leopard print scarf from Target, a safari-scene-print¬†handkerchief bought at a vintage stand from college, a J.Crew silk snakeskin top, leopard-print cotton shorts just picked up at Forever 21, a snakeskin clutch gifted from Lucky FABB, leopard print jeans from Target, an ocelot print belt from J.Crew, leopard print slip-on sneaks from the Old Navy boy’s department, an ocelot faux-fur jacket from Filene’s Basement, a silk leopard print blouse-y top from Joie, the Prada leopard print pumps, a Rogan for Target dress, a silk bow blouse from grandma, and a leopard print cardigan from JCPenney. Whew! And, Meow!

Sass. Class.

I think this Rag & Bone tuxedo jacket was made for New Year’s… I debuted it last year, and it felt so right again for 2012.