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My (Current) Sketching Playlist

Woo boy – I got some excellent interview questions thrown at me by Fistful of Words (have you visited their site? It’s great). This sketch is one of my answers… check out the rest of the post here!

Relive the Memories

Relive the memories here!

Midtown West Doldrums

Ok, it’s a Fistful of Words kind of week. Next up is my very exciting collaboration with Fistful contributor, Liam Ward, who kindly asked me to illustrate his ongoing series, “Midtown West Doldrums.” Check out today’s and stay tuned for more!

First Date: Drinks at the Jazz Club, Snacks at the Food Truck

I am totally JAZZED to announce my newest collab with the wonderfully engaging site, Fistful of Words. Head on over and leave some love, and stay tuned for more Fistful posts in the future!