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Scarves for Mother’s Day at the Detroit Institute of Arts

Lauren scarf

Stumped for what to get mom on Mother’s Day? I’ll be returning to the Detroit Institute of Arts on Friday, May 6th from 2 – 4pm signing copies of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf and demonstrating how to expand … Read more


50 Ways to Wear a Scarf E-book Sale!


Love a sale? Me too.

For the entire month of January, the ebook version of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf is on sale for just $1.99 or less across a variety of ebook retailers. Even if you have the … Read more


Join me at the Detroit Institute of Arts this Friday!


To celebrate the kick-off of the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum Shop’s “Double Discount Days”, I will be at the museum for a scarf-folding demonstration and book signing this Friday, November 6th from 2-4pm. Learn how to maximize the … Read more


The Secret Life of Scarves

alexandria stylebook

It’s always a blast to celebrate 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf, especially as the temperature turns and we can all rejoice in that most versatile of accessories.

So, color me happy to join Alexandria Stylebook in a scarf-themed … Read more


The Most Pinned: How to Wear Mascara


This How To continues to be the most pinned My Closet in Sketches sketch on Pinterest ever.

I do my lashes like this every day. Three is better than one!


LF… Read more


Shop My New Limited Edition Presidential Pets Print

Pets (1)

I recently had the pleasure of channeling my inner animal with this limited edition Presidential Pets print made exclusively for The Cheeky Puppy, my favorite local DC pet store.

Click here to shop the print! A portion of … Read more


Treasures: A Final Go Through Grandma’s Closet


Things can be just things – but the meaningful ones are imbued with a spirit of those that loved them.

Since my Grandma Enid passed, my family recently took a trip to her place in Florida. It’s been many years … Read more


Grandma Enid.


Last night my Grandma Enid passed away peacefully. Her grace, creativity, and sense of style made me who I am today.

Enid’s closet was a huge, huge part of this website – rare goes by the post that doesn’t include … Read more


The Perfect Last Minute Gift

50 ways book signing

Ann Arbor friends and fans!

I’d love to see you at Heavenly Metal this Saturday, December 20th from 11am to 1pm for a book signing of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf. Here’s an opportunity to pick up some … Read more


How To Get Dressed In the Morning: A Study in Navy, Berry, and Wine


There are two mind exercises I utilize while getting dressed in the morning:

1. What is the context of which I will be wearing this outfit? What’s my environment for the day, and who will be looking at what I … Read more


Boots With Soul: An Ode to Beautiful Soles


If I were more on top of my game, I would have taken all my favorite boots to the cobbler this summer, before I actually wanted to wear them again. Instead, they recently spent a few weeks at the shoe … Read more


Penny Edition: A Throwback Sketch


One of the best things about getting dressed in the fall is reintroducing myself to pleasures of  wearing LAYERS – after a good five, six months of weightless dresses and breezy shirts, it’s a pleasure to slip a jacket over … Read more


Hot For Teacher


This week I was invited to give a scarf tying demonstration to a Ladies Fashion Club based in Virginia.

There are a couple guidelines I follow when speaking or just “being” in front of people, especially if I know my … Read more


Presidential Blues: A Political Appointee’s Plus-One


This past Monday, on a balmy DC evening, I was the lucky recipient of a plus-one invite at the Political Appointee Summer Appreciation Picnic on the White House South Lawn. With hundreds of federal employees and their guests (a raucous … Read more


Cup, Saucer, Fresh Pencils: A Throwback Sketch


There’s something sparkling in the air… a breeze that makes me want to sit down at a tidy desk and mark important dates in my planner with a sharp pencil, a shift that has me considering cardigans and pants and … Read more


How To Blowdry Fine, Wavy Hair



My hair has always been a challenge to style: it’s an unbeatable combination of my mom’s fineness and my dad’s slight Jew fro-y-ness (love you, mom and dad). As we all know, I normally just throw it up in … Read more


Throwback Sketch: Labor Day Last Call


For the past four years, my girlfriends and I have taken an annual Labor Day trip. We used to go to Maine, as mentioned in this sketch, but this year we’re going to Colorado. We’re trading the New England … Read more


Blooming Orchids



Every girl needs a go-to first date outfit that is as comfortable as jeans and a tee and as sexy as a bondage dress and heels.

I’d been relying on a simple yet elegant black camisole with white jeans … Read more


Throwback Sketch: To Market To Market


Deep summer:

juicy stone fruits and

sundresses that will never fade.

LF… Read more


My Brain in Sketches



My Moleskine is filled with these bursts of… unthinking.

The pages are heavy with an unfiltered surge of inner shapes that I fire off while talking on the phone (I’m a better listener when my hand is busy), taking … Read more


Prairie Wind: How To Wear A Souvenir Horse T-Shirt


There is a general store just a few miles outside of Assateague National Park…

Besides the notable selection of literally anything one could ever dream of needing during a stay in the area, this shop also has a historical selection … Read more


Throwback Sketch: How to Make it in America



An All-American throwback Thursday, first seen here.

LF… Read more


Wild Ponies Packing List: Assateague Island


My friends and I are packing up for a weekend camping trip on Assateague Island – a national park on the beach where wild ponies roam. (If by chance you’re also headed there this weekend, my pals are NOT the … Read more


Throwback Sketch: Long Weekend on Lake Gaston


Summer Saturdays are made for cut-off shorts and a shirt stolen from your brother (or your dad, or your boyfriend).

I wore this outfit for the entirety of a weekend exactly three years ago while visiting my cousin Peter in … Read more


How To Look Like You Tried: The Balm Stain


I have practically accosted friends to get them to try Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain.

Though it’s no secret that I believe Revlon’s lipsticks are the best the drugstore has to offer, I’ve recently grown partial towards their chubby lip … Read more


Throwback Sketch: Dead Poets on the Green


I’d like for readers to enjoy this early work as much I as I do, so look out for a weekly throwback sketch.

“Dead Poets on the Green” was originally published in May of 2010. At the time, I was … Read more


Up and Running: Unveiling the New My Closet in Sketches


Hi, and welcome back!

I hope you enjoy the new changes to the site. Thank you, little brother, for all the help and heavy lifting.

There’s a lot more to come! My goal is to make this site a … Read more


Two Bit Chick


This dress is a unicorn. It may be one of the only articles of clothing I bought for myself in high school that is still kept in regular rotation. Seriously, how many pieces in your closet can you say that … Read more


Buy 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf


Buy it now:



Barnes and Noble

Books A Million

From the Audrey to the Paris, the Top Down, or the Easy Breezy, there are 50 scarf styles in this book for any occasion or mood. Jaunty illustrations break … Read more


A Friendly Announcement


It is my yearly obligation to inform all DC residents of the aqueous (and free!) joy that is available to us all.

Find your neighborhood DC pool here.

Happy Memorial Day! I plan on doing nothing but soaking in … Read more


Lady Parts


Have you ever gotten a real bra fitting? (The Secrets of Victoria don’t count.)

Have you ever treated yourself to a perfectly fitted set of matching bra and underwear? And did you buy that set for yourself? Just for the … Read more


Author At Her First Book Signing



This is the kind of title I would write on this blog – something evocative, specific to a time and place – that usually had nothing to do with where the actual outfit was worn. For instance, this oldie Read more


The Recipe


I must be frank – I’ve been playing a lot less dress-up.

Not because I’m not actually dressing up. (I make a point to do that. Every day.) It’s because there’s a lot less guesswork in reaching for my wardrobe … Read more


First Look! 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf Trailer

Can you believe it? They make book promo videos these days.

I want to thank Nic Weinfeld, the director, for making my life seem way cooler than it actually is, and all my beautiful DC friends for helping out … Read more


Inside the Making of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf



Have you bought your copy of 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf yet??

Honestly, it’s a scary time for me. This book just lived in my head and in my journal for the past year and a half, … Read more


50 Ways to Wear a Scarf, by Lauren Friedman.


Click here to order on Amazon


So, here’s the big news.

For the past year, I have labored through the formidable task of writing and illustrating a book, which is now available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Read more


How To Shop The Men’s Department


Hello, it’s me again!

These last few months have been a reshuffling of priorities, a reorganizing of time, a period of reflection and realizing.

With that vagueness out of the way… one thing that definitely remains the same is a … Read more


LF for Tote Magazine


(image source: Rachel Parker for Tote Magazine)

I have a lot of opinions when it comes to choosing a career path, or a major, or just feeling like you’re on the right path… so when Shelby, the editor of ToteRead more


Cherry Bomb


A late summer infusion of inspiration.

Last weekend, some of my  pals from college came for a visit. They were hollering for some good DC shopping, so we swung by Current Boutique on 14th Street. In the sale racks, I … Read more


The Politics of Pretty: AM to PM


Hi, remember me!? (I missed you.)

Although I  never draw my face here on My Closet in Sketches, I obviously still think about what it looks like in the real world. I was thrilled when Kara, of the blog Politics Read more




It’s that time of year – when me and the fam head “Up North” (as we Michiganders like to say) for a few weeks of sun-filled, cell phone-less bliss.

My office MVP, Jill, will be manning the LF … Read more


Boss Ladies



There are some changes a’foot at the offices of My Closet in Sketches…

Excitingly, the My Closet in Sketches official SHOP is officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS. It’s been a long time coming! PLEASE let me know if you … Read more


South Bound


LF here, ready for a vacation. I’m dreaming of roadtrippin’ to visit my girl Ashlea in Asheville…

I would pack lightly for a weekend of southern living. Into the carpet bag I found at a bazaar in Chefchaouen, Morocco, would … Read more


Lords of Summertown


Rules of the Game:

1. Sport high waisted skirts (in linen and cotton) with matching bras peeking out under tanks.

2. Wear a hat.

3. Always keep a swimsuit in your backpack.
It’s really, really summer. In breathable fabrics, silhouettes … Read more


Second Run: A Friendly Announcement


Just as pertinent as it was last year.

Find your neighborhood DC pool here.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!… Read more


How To Wear A Trench


The trench featured here is my always-right, always-perfect number from London Fog.

Craving other how-to’s? Here’s how to wear a jean jacket, how to wear a scarf, how to wear a button up, how to wear Read more


Opening of the Ballet Russes


On Wednesday, I had the privilege of attending the opening reception of the Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. PLEASE. Do yourself a favor and get to Washington DC to see this. Run. Do … Read more


Year Three


Sometimes it’s hard to express how much My Closet in Sketches means to me without sounding redundant. There are so many tangible ways that this website has affected my life, but what’s more important to me – and what I … Read more


Birthday Post


One particularly notable occurrence since my last birthday, as you know, is that I have my own studio– which has essentially banished all my pencil skirts and heels to live full-time in my closet while I live in hard … Read more


How To Get The Fattest Lashes


Why don’t you combine this lash tutorial with some of my other makeup how to’s? Here’s how to do the “Hi, Put Money In My Tip Jar” eye, here’s how to do A Standard Five Minute Face, here’s … Read more