Two Bit Chick


This dress is a unicorn. It may be one of the only articles of clothing I bought for myself in high school that is still kept in regular rotation. Seriously, how many pieces in your closet can you say that about? Purchased at the Ann Arbor Value World when I was a junior for $2.00 (yes, that amount), I brought it home and took in the seams myself on my mom’s sewing machine.

I’ve worn it for every occasion – my high school graduation party, with a mohawk and turquoise earrings; my college graduation, with a big buckled belt and wedges; this past Monday, with a gum-ball necklace, a straw woven tote gifted from Kate Spade, and amazingly comfortable flats from Kork-Ease for running errands.

I love it because it’s cotton and I can just throw it in the wash. I love it because it goes with every belt I own and most of my shoes, too. I love it because the length is “in” now, but I loved the length just as much when it wasn’t “in”. I love it because there’s an episode from Sex and the City when Carrie gets denied a loan at the bank and has to ride the bus home (her bus advertisement on the side of said bus, obviously), and she’s wearing the white version of this dress, same pattern and straps and everything, and I like thinking she probably wouldn’t have had to take the bus if she spent $2.00 on hers like I did. Best two bits I ever did spend.



  1. Uncle Moose   •  

    Hola and hold on there, my stylish fashio-neicesta! You spent more like 16 bits on this outfit (if you check your ‘bit’ history, before the age of bitcoin). Which means you are a much more valuable chick than you think (I knew that)!And this I know because I just saw you in fashionable dress and amazing ‘best woman-ness’ role at the fashion event of the year in MN! Hope my ‘bit’ of coinage correction can result in a scarf tie named in my honor someday!!!

  2. Kay   •  

    So cute. Love it. Want those shoes, too.

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