First Look! 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf Trailer

Can you believe it? They make book promo videos these days.

I want to thank Nic Weinfeld, the director, for making my life seem way cooler than it actually is, and all my beautiful DC friends for helping out and looking so fly on camera.

A special thanks to Blind Dog Cafe, Union Kitchen, GoodWood DC, and Cherry Blossom Creative for allowing us to shoot in their space.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to the song.

And have you bought 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf yet? Head to Amazon, or may I also suggest heading to your friendly local bookstore and asking them to order you a copy.


  1. Kay   •  

    Very cool. The book is wonderful. I got several copies and gave all but one as gifts.

  2. omg I had NO idea you were writing a book! It looks incredible! Definitely going on my wishlist.

  3. Crystal Joy   •  

    I just bought a copy on Kindle! I’m very excited. I’ve read read all of your posts and I love your style. Congratulations on making a book!

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