It’s that time of year – when me and the fam head “Up North” (as we Michiganders like to say) for a few weeks of sun-filled, cell phone-less bliss.

My office MVP, Jill, will be manning the LF Enterprises ship while I’m away, and I wanna keep that girl busy! SO, mosey on over to the shop and enter code TAKEAVACATION for 10% your entire order. Do it now!

Check ya on the flip side,



  1. nora   •  

    I think this is my favorite sketch! love the jumping pose!

  2. Anna   •  

    never, not once in my life, have I complained about bringing too many swimsuits on vacation. it’s the golden rule of summer: you can never have too many bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, whatever. after all, you need to get a variety of tan lines, right?

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