How To Wear A Trench


The trench featured here is my always-right, always-perfect number from London Fog.

Craving other how-to’s? Here’s how to wear a jean jacket, how to wear a scarf, how to wear a button up, how to wear jeans, or how to wear lipstick.


  1. Jay   •  

    You’re perfect! I love your blog so much. And, for some reason, I feel like everything I wanna know “how to” wear, you tell us. I’ve had this trench coat for so long and never really liked wearing it because I wasn’t sure if it looked good and now, I’m 100% sure it’s gunna look amazing. All thanks to you! 😀

  2. Daniela   •  

    OH I LOVE THENCHS SO MUCH! So you can understand I am in love with this post; I must say I allways wear trench, but I have never tried to tie the belt on the back…I must try!
    Thanks for your suggestions… <3

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