New School

newschool 1

Besides the all-important jersey? I FINALLY found the short version of this skirt while browsing at Secondi this summer – it was originally from H&M (SCORE). And of course, the ever present denim jacket and Target wedges. Ride ’til they die.


  1. Kay   •  

    OMG. Too funny and adorable.

  2. joann, sidewalk chic   •  

    I used to love raiding my little bro’s closet too– his little league jerseys were the perfect size for high school me. Love your jean jacket and how awesome you got to rock this at Tiffany’s!

  3. kim   •  

    ugh, i’m still bummed i didn’t get a good shot of you wearing the necklace! it was so great to meet you at the tiffany’s breakfast and hang the rest of the afternoon…you are amazeballs!!

  4. Samantha   •  

    THIS outfit is the ONE that I loved! So you and so awesome! Even better with the Tiffany’s bling, no?!

    xo, sam
    **Style of Sam**

  5. Raijean   •  

    Loved this look on you! It was nice meeting you at Lucky Fabb!!

  6. christyanna   •  

    Lauren – I love all of your sketches!

    I am a big fan of fashion illustrations like in the old Nordstrom catalogs and even in Rachel Zoe’s book Style A to Zoe. The pieces look so much more alluring and fun within illustrations rather than flat photographs.

    This sketch seems more stylish and inspiring and reads differently than that of street style photographs.

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