Second Run: Lake Effect

Peeps, my apologies for the semi-total-radio-silence.

I’ve been making an effort to enjoy my summer to its fruitful fullest, which translates to a lot less time at the drawing board. With my passion also (amazingly!) my vocation, I found the last few months to be instrumental in giving my brain (and my hand!) a much needed break.

I’m on my way back home to Michigan for some quality family time on our Great Lakes (I did this sketch after our trip last year). My only goal is to do a lot of NOTHING before I return to DC with a back-to-school-sharpen-your-pencils-it’s-September mindset. Please, join me in my laziness before its too late.


  1. Michelle   •  

    love this post. Such a wonderful illustration!

  2. Anita   •  

    Sounds like a great way to make the most of your summer! Love your sketches! What books did you read?

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