No Bail


That’s my mom’s old tee, which she bought at the Symposium on Humanity in 1979 and says “God Bless Detroit” (Check out this vintage sketch of it, shoo). The skirt I bought on (and it’s no secret that I literally wear it/draw it all the time). Who doesn’t recognize those wedges I also hardly ever take off? (Really, why do I own any other shoes? Ha.) And dad’s old backpack – loved so much it’s starting to tear. (Tears. From my eyes. Before I get around to mending it.) And, my God, the Ray Bans.

PEE – ESS: I accidentally erased the information for those who subscribe to My Closet in Sketches by email (I am better with a pencil than a computer) – so please, please, re-sign yourself up for email subscriptions if you so desire.


  1. Kay   •  

    I love the way you make your clothes so interesting. I wish I could think of a new story for my life everyday, which revolves around my clothes.

  2. Lupe   •  

    great fashion trick! “boys meets girl” is a cool getting dress advice: blazer + high waisted skirt is my favorite.

  3. My Style Canvas   •  

    Amazing how pulled together the outfit looks when it’s just a tee and a skirt but they really are cute together. And that skirt really is fab. Love Modcloth. I’m even wearing a polka dot dress from there as I type this. Which is my longwinded way of saying nice illustration!

  4. Jade   •  

    Just wanted to let you know your blog is read by ppl from CHINA! I love every single sketch you have here…and the little stories on the side. Do you sell any original sketch? I wish i could have one on my coming wedding in Oct. 🙂

  5. Sara   •  

    Yes, yes, yes!! A less chic version of this is my FAVORITE thing to wear on hot days this summer. How did you find a Modcloth skirt with that great length to it??

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