From left to right, those dresses are a Mossimo for Target spaghetti strap number, a pleated skirt that I bought from Primark in Scotland that doubles as a strapless dress (adorable left loose or belted), a sleek Ann Taylor dress that I wear for when I need to feel like a big girl, a cotton Converse for Target grecian-style dress that is as easy to wash as it is to accessorize, and a By Corpus for Urban Outfitters maxi dress (I promise, I’ll show you the semi-scandalous back soon).


  1. Kay   â€¢  

    Wow. Nice selection of black dresses! Glad to have you back.

  2. joann, sidewalk chic   â€¢  

    Love the Mossimo and Urban Outfitters dresses. And I hear ya on the importance of items being spillproof. That’s the exact reason I wear scarves during the summer — to hide my clumsiness. 🙂

  3. Stephanie   â€¢  

    I’m from Hong Kong and the background of the image is actually a recent article of a local newspaper. Found it funny (for unknown reasons) when this political piece is featured along with the dresses 🙂

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