LF and Scoutmob Do It’s Vintage Darling

itsvintagedarlingsketch copy

Let me tell you, Enemy Number One to my bank account is Scoutmob – those crazy cats keep sending me to cute DC shops and MAKING me buy things! It’s not my fault!

The latest conquest happened at It’s Vintage Darling, an gem of a store right down the street from where I used to live. I left with this uh-mazing silk dress, in addition to a girl crush for the store manager, Elise.

Check out the Scoutmob post here and click here to see my last Illustrative Style with Nana.


  1. C Marcia (Sequins)   •  

    Oh I love this, and I totally agree with fashionablecollections–your outfit sketches get better and better every time (and they were stunning to start with!)

  2. joann, sidewalk chic   •  

    This sketch is really fabulous, Lauren. I love the color, the dress details, and the pose! Your drawing skills are so amazing, and it’s so great to see your illustrations evolve 🙂

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