1. Anna   •  

    what a fun & slightly scandalous way to take back your Tuesday!

  2. It sounds like Tuesday nights are wonderful now! I took a figure drawing class and I was horrible at it hahah seeing as you have so much talent I’m sure your sketches are going to be amazing.


  3. Jordan   •  

    I love Tuesdays and those sweet potato fries at the joint are amazing too!

  4. Cheryl   •  

    I just love your posts, particularly this one. I am old enough to be your mother, and yet, I get so much from these. Keep up the good work and never doubt how much your blog means to people.

  5. becky.   •  

    a story in sketches? loved it.

  6. Juli   •  

    Agree with Cheryl above–I get so much. I am wondering how you went from playing soccer/violin to magically tapping into drawing talent. What were your first sketches like?

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