Soles To Squeeze

I used this spray paint (which, according to the bottle, is actually paint spray. Who knew?).

PS! Haven’t tried out the brogues yet – will report back to tell if you my efforts were more-than-one-wear successful!


  1. Kay   •  

    What a good idea! Cute.

  2. Lydia   •  

    Did you use an additive? I know when I spray painted shoes white for a theatrical production it started peeling within one wearing. How are yours holding up?

  3. joann, sidewalk chic   •  

    What a fun idea! I really like how you just painted the soles.

    When I worked at summer camp a million years ago, my friends all spray-painted their tennis shoes gold. This DIY project is like a more grown-up sophisticated version of that … 🙂

  4. Marian   •  

    i love this! So effective! heart

  5. Aine   •  

    oooh! How bout neon?

  6. Suzanne Wanty   •  

    I remember when I was in Middle School, and needed a pair of black shoes for a Choir performance! My mom took a pair of white patent leather shoes and painted them black!!
    By the end of the performance the paint was pealing off:(. Is the lesson, one should not use patent leather shoes, or has paint improved since then?

  7. andrea nicole   •  

    ok that’s adorable. i love the look of those brogues like that!

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