1. Marie   •  

    lisa frank will forever be an ENORMOUS inspiration…who can ever forget the neon dolphins and cats swirling around in watery rainbows?! this outftit is just as magical, girl. glad you had a great time in florida 🙂

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  2. Kay   •  

    Love the pants. Glad you got to see dolphins. Lucky you!

  3. Aine   •  

    Your back! Inspiration recommence! thank you very much! Love the outfit.

  4. Pooja   •  

    I am in love with your entire blog!! Going through the archives when I really should be getting work done! What do you sketch on/with? Also, I love that you write about/sketch things from your mom/grandma’s closet and otherwise very affordable items 🙂

  5. Wore Out   •  

    I would like to own a pair of those sweet cheetah print jeans, heck I’d like it if there was a Target in all of Vermont! It sounds like you had a wonderful (and colorful) vacation.

  6. Lupe   •  

    Hi Lauren! Love your sketches, as always!
    As you are the coolest American girl I know (well, blog-know) I wanted to ask you: I’m planning a trip to NYC in August, and I was wondering…
    a) any cool places you could recommend a new turist like me?
    b) are they selling the summer season or the winter season then? (very important for shopping-planning)
    c) any tips regarding NYC-friendly outfits?
    Sorry for asking so many questions!

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