1. Kay   •  

    Great apron. All together-eye popping!

  2. Katie Kidle   •  


  3. Brandi   •  

    Well, at least you get to dress cute for work! I would probably end up spilling everyone’s drink on myself or them!

  4. Denise   •  

    I love how you have taken the basics of food service (comfortable shoes, black pants) but added interesting elements to make the outfit cool. I never thought of a patterned apron… mine are all solid colors. Don’t you like the way the printed half apron looks like a skirt? Thanks for posting your outfit formula!

  5. Dana   •  

    I must come to this spot on Florida Ave soon! Your outfit is cute!!

  6. irene wibowo   •  

    i like this. 🙂

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