What I Did This Weekend

Had you followed my antics on Twitter recently (weren’t you?), you would have seen that I was steadily eating my way through the taco stands in Austin, TX with my very favorite crew. On my way home, I had a six hour layover in Kansas City, so I bellied up to the airport bar and made some friends while watching the Superbowl. Here’s my tipsy journal entry that followed:


  1. joann, sidewalk chic   â€¢  

    Please share a photo of your porcelain hand — that would be so legitimately legit 🙂 Love your tipsy journal!

  2. Tommy   â€¢  

    So awesome! Please tell me that you went to Hey Cupcake! I visited Austin a few months ago, and I had to go there twice over a long weekend. 🙂

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