Big Game Hunting

So far, the new year has offered some crazy life twists – and this definitely includes my friend Noah. The aforementioned dinner party was the inaugural feast for Noah’s start up company, Feastly, which “connects hungry diners with passionate cooks, offering authentic meals prepared and served in a cook’s home.” Translation: amazing food, cozy settings, and new excuses to dress up.



  1. i think men just love YOU, whether you’re wearing ultra-sexy fishnets or just jeans and a tee. way to go, noah! hope feastly is off to a great start.

  2. Jackie   •  

    I don’t know if I could pull off the fish nets, but that sounds like a really cool outfit.

    Then again, I’ve only recently started going beyond black tights, so I may be eating those words someday!

  3. SusieMae   •  

    I love that outfit! I’ve noticed the same thing with men and fishnets. Unfortunately, the men I’m around don’t seem to understand animal print, which is a cryin shame because it’s usually fabulous!

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