1. Caitlin   •  

    Darn girl! You are looking fierce and I don’t think your grandmother could be more stylish if she tried. Have a wonderful holiday, can’t wait to see your NYE outfit!

  2. Mars   •  

    Hi!! How do you post your sketches? Do you scan them and still edit the coloring in photoshop? Or take photos of it or something?

    • lfriedma14   •     Author

      Thanks for your comment and question! Technology plays very little part in the creation of the sketches – I make them entirely by hand with paper and pen, and then I scan them. Simple!

  3. Mars   •  

    Thank you for your reply! Totally appreciate it! Also thank you for being an inspiration! My sketching improved a lot because of you :D

  4. Madison Henry   •  

    this outfit is awesome! your sketches are great: I really want to recreate this look. do you know where I could find pants like those??

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