1. Alex   •  

    I think the drawing classes are helping!

  2. Caitlin   •  

    I love this post. I couldn’t agree more about creepy jean bunching. Nothing makes me crazier or more uncomfortable! I am always blown away by your talent every post is better than the last!

  3. cori   •  

    ugh i just bought a pair of wedges that i had no idea how to wear once fall comes.
    thanks for the great idea – i never thought of cuffing jeans with them!
    thanks – i love your drawings!


  4. Sarah   •  

    Love this. Posting it on the CTC tumblr.

  5. Meggy   •  

    haha, love this jean tutorial! And the sketches – you are awesome!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  6. Leslie   •  

    Where have you been all my life,seriously!!! I am now excited about all of the clothes in my closet and will go forth with confidence (in your tried and true looks!)… Xoxo

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