1. Marie   •  

    Via Spiga boots are MAGIC, I tried on a pair a couple weeks ago that I still cannot get off my damn mind…and you are without any doubt cool enough, m’dear!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  2. caitlin   •  

    This outfit is fly! Love the embroidered jacket, so chic and I am SO beyond excited to break out my booties as the fall weather closes in!

  3. Lucija   •  

    This is gorgeous!
    Wonderful sketch!!


  4. Kate   •  

    I think this is my favorite outfit and sketch yet. You’re on fire, girl! I love it. Wellesley represent.

  5. Adiel   •  

    Your sketches are just way too good! Love the sketch and the look! Totally “hip and shit”! 😉

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