1. Caitlin   •  

    I can’t wait until I’m an old lady so I can drink too much wine (preferably at Bingo) while wearing too much lipstick and because of my age no one will dare question me! I’ve been using Sara Happ’s lip scrub then lining my lips with a nude matte liner, then applying, blotting. applying. I swear it’s not as time consuming as it seems!

  2. JoAnn, Sidewalk Chic   •  

    I concur with Caitline above — I can’t wait until I become an old lady at bingo too.

    Love this little tutorial – the color of your lipstick is so pretty. I tend to stick with safer dark pink and red lipglosses. I’m still trying to get up the nerve to wear Clinique’s Red-y to Party more often 🙂

  3. Biz   •  

    Nailed it. I’ll go for it this weekend. Might even stop by Target to pick up ‘dem heels.

    Thanks friend! <3

  4. Lupe   •  

    Hi Lauren! I’m having trouble choosing a new pair of glasses (I need them as I am short-sighted and can’t wear contacts). I don’t want to look nerd nor hipster-y, but I do want to look stylish and embrace the glasses-look as I can’t not-wear them. Do you have any advice on The Glasses Affair? Thanks!

  5. Shauna   •  

    o. i love the aesthetic of your blog
    like raw silk – yep. color is an accessory.

  6. My Style Canvas   •  

    Love the illustration and heels (hooray for Target shoes! … well sometimes anyway) though I disagree about the application of lipstick. One’s painted pout can never be too perfect!

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