1. retro reva   •  

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!
    very unique and inspiring!
    Will be following.
    I am always on the prowl for inspiration-it feeds my soul 🙂

  2. Marie   •  

    Hahahah, I was JUST explaining to someone the other day about Ann Arbor’s ridiculous dresscode. Everywhere I go I feel overdressed, even in flip flops and a skirt. To hell with it! Go girl! (And hopefully I’ll be there soon…..!!)

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  3. Alex   •  

    I have the same problem in Columbus! My solution is to dress “up” (ish) anyway, because there’s no reason you can’t just look better than everyone else. SO THERE, Midwest.

  4. Loudona Ville   •  

    After reading your fabulous blog regularly, I solemnly declare that your mom is officially the Queen of Shopping! (the title Queen of All Things having already been taken).
    She is an amazing acquisitor!

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