1. teddi   •  

    your drawings always make me smile. my make up routine is eyeliner & lipstick at the least. at the most i add the mascara & shadow on top of that. do you count polished nails as part of routine? cause i love polish.


  2. iheartgreen   •  

    Curious to hear more about the honeyed tea creamy color. My blush always fades, so this sounds perfect–but I can’t find it on the Bobbi Brown website.

    Also–what do you use to get your mascara off? I skip mascara in the summer because it runs, but if I use waterproof, I can’t get it off. Thanks!

    • lfriedma14   •     Author

      Hi there! Unfortunately – I think Ms. Brown discontinued the Creamy Colors… which is a sad fact, indeed. I’d recommend Nars The Multiple in Malibu as a good replacement. What you’re really looking for is something with a gel/creamy texture that you can layer underneath your powder blush.

      This may be horrible, but I use Cetaphil to get my waterproof mascara off. I just rub it in dry and then splash off with water. Hope that helps!!!

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