1. I’d definitely pick u up if you were wearing this outfit! Love the jeans and wedges combo. I tried reading on the road for a literature class I was in and I must say I couldn’t get through it. I’ll have to try it again after this post.

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  2. Amy   •  

    I just discovered both your blog and Kerouac and I’m so glad I did for both! Love your posts, finding these made my day xXx

  3. Caitlin   •  

    I am so glad I found your blog. You are so talented and your sense of humor and your wit are almost as fierce as your fashion sense. I am loving this look and can’t image anyone wouldn’t pick you up wearing such cute wedges with a perfectly complimentary bag!

  4. Marie   •  

    I actually JUST finished on the road for the first time a couple months ago – it’s wonderful, but i agree, you have to be ready for it.

    i’d pick you up in a heartbeat 🙂 love it all.

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  5. All of your sketches are so wonderful! Just came over from Steffy’s pros and cons and love the drawing you made of her!

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