Combo Bombos

The courtesy of Kate Spade straw tote goes all space-agey woo-woo with my silver slides from Spain; the Gryphon for Target pleather woven bag is clean and nautical with espadrilles from TJMaxx; and the leather bag from Morocco (which actually has handles, but I tuck them into the pockets and clutch it) is trippie hippie with pleather snakeskin print Birkenstocks.


    • Lauren   •  

      Toot toot! Thanks for your comment, Steffy!

  1. Gretchen   •  

    I love it! Especially the white purse.

    • Lauren   •  

      Thanks Gretchen! I heart the white purse very much, too

    • Lauren   •  

      Mmm. combo bombos, FYi, are delicious when paired with popcorn. :) and three cheers for espadrilles!

  2. MelRod   •  

    OMG I love this!! You are so amazing and talented!!


  3. Wendy   •  

    Oh, that Kate Spade! Beautiful pieces plus your making me thirsty.

    • Lauren   •  

      My thirst for new shoes is unwavering… ;)

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