1. Bizzy   •  

    Nothing like sneaking onto the Red Line in red pants. Sounds like an epic weekend, friend!

  2. Carla Ortiz   •  

    Love the outfit and the story! I went to an all girls high school so I know what you mean. 😉

    • Lauren   •  

      It’s a special kind of girl, that all-lady school chick!

    • Lauren   •  

      Original Seven Sister cronies! Love it, Gaby.

  3. laura   •  

    what you failed to mention is that you wore those same pants for appro. 96 hours.

    • Lauren   •  

      That part isn’t so sexy now, is it.

    • Lauren   •  

      Thanks Ashleigh Nicole! I’m so glad you like them. 🙂

  4. joann, sidewalk chic   •  

    You look so badass in those red pants. I totally almost went there … we could have known each other IRL.

    • Lauren   •  

      Joann, I’m tickled to think of it!

  5. Mary   •  

    I can’t wait to see the new ink on your hands. Did it hurt?

    • Lauren   •  

      Not as bad as it must have felt when you fell from heaven, mom.

    • Lauren   •  

      Or rollin with the homies, either one 🙂

    • Lauren   •  

      Hi there, Effortless Cool! I’m so glad you like!!!

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