Lady Pack


That there’s a silk scarf from mom, a St. James tee, a J. Crew fluorescent pink shirt, a carpet bag from Morocco (roller bag not pictured), a bikini from H&M, a backpack from Daddy-0, an eyeshadow palette from Givenchy, a bow belt from Talbots, a tanktop from Madewell, a old-tee from Mom, a shirt with chiffon sleeves from Madewell, a jean jacket from Urban, (and we’re going across now to) a pair of silver slides from Spain, a pair of sunnies from Buffalo Exchanges, a pair of glasses from SEE, a little bag from KATHY via TJMaxx, a dress from Rogan, a slip from Victoria’s Secret, a pair of pleather snake-print Birkenstocks, a pair of patterned calfskin booties from Anthropologie, a red jean from Zara, a pair of shorts from the highly elite brand Soffe, a highwaisted short from J. Crew, and a little sleep set from Calypso at Target.


    • Lauren   •  

      Thanks, Gaby! Nothing like a good old printed tee. I hope you have a secret stash with a family member – those are the best!

    • Lauren   •  

      Thanks Steffy! It’s a carpet bag I bought in Morocco. I almost didn’t buy it… but I am SO GLAD I did.

  1. Carla Ortiz   •  

    Have fun! You have a lot of cute and interesting pieces ready to go! 🙂

    • Lauren   •  

      Thanks Carla! Unfortunately I wore only the things that would keep me warm last weekend – Boston was freeezing.

  2. Wendy   •  

    A carpet bag from Morocco? Lucky! I didn’t know that Birkenstock made pleather snake print… Sounds scary however I have no doubt that you will make it look cool.

    • Lauren   •  

      Wendy, you’re right. On paper, pleather snake print sounds horrifying. I swear it’s cooler in real life!

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