1. Mary   •  

    You always make everything so interesting, on so many levels.

    • Lauren   •  

      Hi Milly! It’s great to “see” you again! Thanks for your lovely words, you’re the best 🙂

  2. Cee   •  

    They don’t make many things like they used to, and this dress is definitely one of them! (My grandparents always complain meat isn’t as flavourful anymore, but since I’m a vegetarian, I wouldn’t know :D). Love this post.

  3. Deirdre   •  

    Is there a way I can e-mail this site to someone? I think it is so cool. Deirdre

    • Lauren   •  

      Hi Deidre! I’m so glad you found it! My “developer” Alex is working on a “share this” button – in the mean time, wwww.myclosetinsketches.com works!

  4. La   •  

    can i borrow this for my annual commemoration of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire? DANKE SCHON

    • Lauren   •  

      I KNEW you were going to ask me that! Get out of my brain. But don’t. Stay in it.

  5. joann, sidewalk chic   •  

    I love the pleats on that skirt!

    Also, gotta say that I LOVE your new site design. Just perfect!

  6. Kelly   •  

    Love that you and your mom share a passion for the art of getting dressed in the morning.

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